Your Wealth, Your Family, Your Legacy

Estate and Financial Planning for Lasting Impact

This book contains the latest tax laws impacting estate planning and answers to the most frequently asked questions of clients on estate planning topics.  It explains the fundamentals of estate and financial planning and contains chapters on broad topics, such as revocable living trust planning, irrevocable trust planning, life insurance planning, business succession planning, charitable planning, retirement planning, and much more. 

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The Complete Guide To Estate & Financial Planning In Turbulent Times

The Questions Consumers are Asking With Answers from America's Top Attorneys and Financial Advisors

This book is the precursor to Your Wealth, Your Family, Your Legacy and contains answers to frequently asked questions from clients on a broad range of estate planning topics.  These topics include revocable living trust planning, the team approach to planning, life Insurance planning, trust and estate administration, and much more.

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Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Including Faith and Values in Your Financial and Estate Planning

This book provides answers to incorporating faith and values into an estate plan to create a values-driven plan that reflects one’s fundamental belief systems and philosophy.  It contains answers to how faith and values can impact estate and financial planning to create a plan that reflects the “human” side, including use of family mission statements in planning for one’s legacy.  The blend of values and faith in estate planning is a perfect example of how one can create a meaningful plan with purpose and conviction with lasting impact for generations.

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Being in Business is a Funny Thing - Getting Out is Not!

A Business Owner's Guide to Growing & Transitioning the Business

This book was written for the business owner as a guide to growing and transitioning a closely held business.  It contains answers to business entity choice considerations, planning for the growth of the business, family challenges in selling a business, exit and succession planning for the owner, and estate planning.  A valuable resource for small business owners that will provide insight into starting, growing, transitioning and exiting a business.

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Estate Planning Strategies

Collective Wisdom. Proven Techniques.

This book is a collaboration of proven estate planning strategies to empower readers with knowledge “to leave what they want, to whom they want, and in the manner they want.”  It is a collection of wisdom garnered from estate planning attorneys throughout the country who are members of Wealthcounsel, a national organization of estate planning attorneys.  It includes over 100 ideas and strategies derived from practical application in complex situations.

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